Preparation for our services at your property

  • Legalities are handled with the signing of a contract and a form for property details. This is where you and I decide what best suits your needs and budget.

  • I am sure as a professional real estate agent, you know how to get the property ready for showing, even if it is a virtual/online listing. Aerial views will show things you don’t normally see, like yard debris, trailer roofs, damaged trees, etc. Such items cannot be edited out in video footage. This is also a good time to have all vehicles parked in the garage or off the property.

  • You may need to notify neighbors of drone activity occurring at a certain time, in advance, for your protection and theirs.

  • Please understand that we do not control the weather and that drones are small unmanned aircraft subject to rain and strong winds. Most times, we only need 30-45 minutes to capture great outdoor footage or images so we will work something out as soon as weather allows it, even if it is at first sunlight.