Drones Services

  • Aerial video and stills display the property with a view that explains so much. Now the perspective buyer can see all the details of the exterior of the home and surrounding neighbor, acreage, amenities, countryside in the same way most of us think…visually.

  • Training, insurance and licensing is vital for drone pilots. Those 3 things protect you, the real estate agent and your client, the property owner.

    • Our drone pilot is FAA licensed, fully insured and trained for safety.

    • This level of qualifications is why our drone services are not the same price as those by Billy Joe’s son. We maintain a full professional office, maintenance of industry-leading equipment and software as well as continual training. And we deliver your finished product on-time, when promised.

    • All drone services require a trained, visual observer while the drone is airborne. So you are actually hiring 2 professionals when you hire The Drone Lady for aerial services.